Susan McConnell produces creative editorial, commercial and personal projects. She is an editor for a beautiful regional magazine where she creatively writes and photographs for feature and cover articles. Her work has raised millions for philanthropic projects and has won numerous awards.

Ranging from community to humanitarian efforts, her chronicles are used to build awareness and garner support for efforts that may otherwise be silent. McConnell’s documentation of a swimmer conquering the English Channel paved the way for ALS fundraising through athletic events. Her commitment to documenting the building of a community center, in a town that never had one, helped raise over $6 million.  She is the long-time photographer of Martha’s Vineyard’s Possible Dreams Auction.

As an adoptive mother, she accepted the opportunity to document children within the foster care system who were available for adoption. Over the years she saw that these very adoptable children struggled in foster care and never found their forever families. It was out of this struggle that she founded Let It Be Us, the first nonprofit of its kind in Illinois.

Susan is the mother of four children and is an advocate for openness in adoption. She has an MBA from Chicago’s DePaul University.  She lives in the Midwest and sometimes on Martha’s Vineyard.