A Photography Story (+ a new camera review)

Barrington's White House roof is removed one section at a time.

Barrington’s White House roof is removed a section at a time.

As the “White House Photographer” my photography friends are a little jealous, until they hear the # of hours I’m putting into this volunteer project.  It has become my labor of love.  What my photographer friends don’t realize is that it’s an extremely interesting and fun project.  Every time I head over to photograph, thinking “this will just take 15 minutes,” the time turns into hours as I’ve morphed from White House Photographer to Construction Photographer, climbing ladders and walking in dangerous places discovering more and more once-in-a-lifetime shots.  The whole project is like one big puzzle and as I photograph each piece I’ve become obsessed over not letting one fall through the cracks.  I’m also having a blast with a new camera, the Sony Action Cam, which is similar to a GoPro, but the reviews are actually better.  The Zeiss lens means that the colors are more vibrant and the HD quality means that I can utilize Vimeo as a platform for showcasing my work.  Here are some of the latest Barrington’s White House, I mean construction, photographs: