She’s One of the 3,300 But She’s One of a Kind

Today I photographed a little girl who is available for adoption. I wasn’t sure how to break the ice, so I brought her a present. Presents usually do the trick. Turns out she recently celebrated her birthday. “How did you know I just turned 10?” Our new nonprofit is Let It Be Us and we’re going to help little kids like this become adopted. (ps … She tucked the ribbon in her pocket. “How did you know my favorite color is pink?”)

The fine print: Since Illinois has a whopping 3,300 foster children who are available for adoption, you would think they’re sort of forgotten.  This little girl, while she doesn’t have a mother or a father, was very well cared for.  She was dressed warmly on this chilly day, with a beautiful pinky coat and hat and mittens.  (Remember the favorite color.)  Socks and nice shoes too.  And happy.  She was really happy.  She seemed to be very loved by her social worker, who got down on her knees to talk to her, telling her that we were going to take her picture so that we could find her a “forever family.”  “Can’t I just stay with you?”  That’s what she asked as she nestled into her.  Her social worker pulled her in tighter, “I’d love to keep you but we’re all going to find the most perfect mommy for you.”

This is a team.  One of the most important teams ever.  Because we’re going to find this little girl, whose favorite color is pink, a family.

You can learn about adopting this little girl here.  (Adopting from foster care is absolutely free and to be a parent you can be single.)